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From the Sea to Your Face
Ocean conservation is a big deal to me. Goes hand in hand (fin in fin?) with being a mermaid. And a big part of the plastic clogging up the oceans and killing fish is discarded fishing nets.

I work at REI, and the other day I was trained for a department that has, among other things, sunglasses. And it turns out one of the brands we sell, Costa, makes sunglass frames out of plastic made from discarded fishing net literally dragged out of the ocean.

A partner company called Bureo is what actually gathers the nets, and recycles them into plastic pellets. Costa then takes the pellets and makes sunglass frames out of them.

Not all of Costa's sunglasses have these frames, just the four models of what they call their "Untangled Collection". But even the others use sustaibly sourced bioplastic, or metal. Costa's focus is on eyewear for fishing, boating, and other water activities, so another thing they have is a lens polarization that is especially good and filtering out the spectra of light that gets reflected off water.

It Comes in Blue!
Being homeless led to my interest in backpacking, which in turn has been like a "gateway drug" for other outdoor activities. I've been attending introductory classes at my local REI for rock climbing, mountain biking, and (as of last night) kayaking. I'm Boat People, dammit, I should have a boat. :p

There is one kayak on display in the store that I liked most, in terms of features and performance, except I didn't like the color. I said to myself, "I wish it came in blue." Then this morning I looked at the REI website, and it turns out it does come in blue!

It's wide, so it's not the fastest kayak in the world, but the short length makes it more maneuverable and tighter on a turn, which I've decided is more important. The broad beam also gives it a higher weight capacity. At $750, it's not inconceivably beyond my possible budget.

Maybe This Will Succeed Where 'Spy' Failed Me
I just found out about this movie, which is coming out in two days.

No idea whether this will be good, but I liked Mila Kunis in Jupiter Ascending and Kate McKinnon in Ghostbusters. And more importantly, for me Melissa McCarthy's Spy was a huge letdown. This looks to be a movie along similar lines, but without (at least in the trailer) the cringe comedy that dominated that film.

We're Not Heroes, We're from Finchley

Queen Susan the Gentle, ladies and gentlemen.

I Hear It's Going Around

At least this one I was expecting sooner or later.

Looks like they're just pretty much copying the Abrams version of Pike. I miss the professorial dude from the old Pocket Books novels. Belay that, I just realized I was confusing Pike with Robert April.

Hated the horror-movie opening, but I liked some of the comedy beats. "What a relief! I thought  we were all gonna die."

Clone Wars Revived--wait, what?
Was this a suprise, or did everybody but me know about this?

Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke?
The Portland OR office of the US National Weather Service posted this on their facebook page. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, like I have been these past couple years, it's a useful reference.

The Netflix Lost in Space Remake...
...is like the distilled essence of the sci fi aesthetic of my childhood:


Hacking It in the Soup, Or the Aerodynamics of Star Wars Snubfighters
We live in a world where a fan can get use readily available 3d modeling software to find the drag coeficient of Star Wars fighters. The full article is here, along with a youtube video I haven't had a chance to watch yet, but if you want to skip ahead, the worst snub for atmosphere work is the basic TIE, with a drag coeficient of 0.98--only slightly better than a literal cube at 1.05. The best is the Naboo N-1 at 0.10. But even that sucks compared to real world fighters. The F-4 Phantom II from the 1960s, disdained by many pilots as a flying brick, clocks in at 0.02.

[Cyberpunk 2077] It's Been 20 Minutes, Here's the Future
Remember back in 2012 when Mike Pondsmith was working on a single-player PC game adaption of the tabletop Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying game?

Me neither. =P  And it hasn't been released yet either, but it's back on my rader--specifically my tumblr dash. Not only can players make the PC female as promised long ago, but there will be queer romance options.

Also, Mike Pondsmith is still hot: