Heat Exhaustion or Heat Stroke?
The Portland OR office of the US National Weather Service posted this on their facebook page. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, like I have been these past couple years, it's a useful reference.

The Netflix Lost in Space Remake...
...is like the distilled essence of the sci fi aesthetic of my childhood:


Hacking It in the Soup, Or the Aerodynamics of Star Wars Snubfighters
We live in a world where a fan can get use readily available 3d modeling software to find the drag coeficient of Star Wars fighters. The full article is here, along with a youtube video I haven't had a chance to watch yet, but if you want to skip ahead, the worst snub for atmosphere work is the basic TIE, with a drag coeficient of 0.98--only slightly better than a literal cube at 1.05. The best is the Naboo N-1 at 0.10. But even that sucks compared to real world fighters. The F-4 Phantom II from the 1960s, disdained by many pilots as a flying brick, clocks in at 0.02.

[Cyberpunk 2077] It's Been 20 Minutes, Here's the Future
Remember back in 2012 when Mike Pondsmith was working on a single-player PC game adaption of the tabletop Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying game?

Me neither. =P  And it hasn't been released yet either, but it's back on my rader--specifically my tumblr dash. Not only can players make the PC female as promised long ago, but there will be queer romance options.

Also, Mike Pondsmith is still hot:

Calculating Weight for Hiking
I'm posting this here to get it fixed in my head:

  • Base Weight – pack plus everything in it or hanging off it, except for consumables like food, water, fuel, etc.

  • Pack Weight – base weight plus consumables.

  • Skin-out Weight – pack weight plus what you wear, stuff in pockets, and what you carry (trekking poles)

Once I've finished it, I'll edit in the Lighterpack gear breakdown for my base weight done! Full gear list here. Breakdown by category:

The Picnic
I just discovered this thing in the Tetons called the Picnic. It's a wilderness triathalon where you bike from the nearest town to a lake at the foot of the mountains, swim across the lake, climb a mountain, have a picnic at the top... and then do the whole thing again in reverse to get home.

Anyway, #goals

What Might Have Been

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Test Post - 2 Column Text
This is a test of parallel text for side-by-side English & Trigedasleng posts. I'm using a shareware program called NOVA Text Aligner, which can export parallel text into a number of formats. One of which may actually work on Livejournal.

Update: since the results sucked, I redid it using a hand-coded, minimalist HTML table. I'm annoyed by the column limit--even at the tiniest text size setting the text still wraps on longer lines. Seemingly nothing I can do about that. But at least I got rid of the indentations and the extra carriage returns.

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Ascended Headcanon (Spoilers for Star Wars: Rebels Series Finale)
Spoilers Below the Fold...Collapse )

Star Wars Fan Film "The Lost Patrol"
I found this short Star Wars fan film on YouTube, and I thought it was pretty good. The acting and VFX aren't bad for a fan film--mostly. It gets bonus points from me points for having a Y-wing and making it the two-seater model. And more bonus points for the ‘70s 'stache on one of the male X-wing pilots. ^_^

The best part, for me, was the "watch and learn" moment, because that X-wing pilot used a real dogfighting tactic that's actually applicable to the situation she was in: a large heavy fighter trying to stay on the tail of a smaller, more maneuverable adversary with a tighter turning radius. the maneuver is called a "barrel roll attack" and was originally devised by American WWII pilots flying the heavy P-47 Razorback against lighter and tighter German planes. It was further refined in the Vietnam War by F-4 drivers going up against MiG-21s.

I squeed when I realized what they'd done. Kudos to the filmmakers.


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